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International Airport “Bolshoye Savino”

Bolshoe Savino International Airport is the only airport in the Perm region that serves regular passenger transportation. On November 30, 2017, the grand opening of the new airport complex of domestic and international airlines of the Perm Airport took place. From this point on, all passengers are served in the new terminal.


The terminal is equipped with three transition galleries. The terminal has 19 check-in counters and a separate counter for oversized baggage.

The parameters of the new airport complex meet the following requirements:

  •     The capacity for arrival and departure / rush hour; pass / hour – 904
  •     IATA Comfort Level – C
  •     Passenger traffic, million pass / year - 2.0 (2020), - 3.85 (2030)
  •     The capacity for arrival and departure / rush hour; pass / hour - 904 (2020); - 1504 (2030)
  •     Maximum number of arrivals and departures during peak hours – 9
  •     Maximum number of arrivals at peak hours – 7
  •     Maximum number of departures during peak hours – 7
  •     Number of exits to peronny buses – 7

Modern and comfortable VIP-lounge provides the entire service cycle from security control to boarding the aircraft, including check-in and baggage check-in, provides an individual approach to each passenger during the service.

In the VIP room there is the possibility of ordering for negotiations a conference room, a small hall, a large hall.

In the VIP lounge there is a bar with a wide selection of drinks, hot and cold snacks.

The technological cycle of service in the hall is 2 hours. Estimated time in the hall is 3 hours.

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