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Platov International Airport

Platov International Airport is the first newly built federal-level airport with capacity of over a million passengers a year in the post-Soviet Russia. The airport was commissioned in December 2017. It is the only operating international airport that services the population of Rostov and neighbouring regions of Russia and a hub of the Southern Federal District.

The Platov runway allows you to receive all types of modern aircraft (including Boeing-777 wide-body aircraft).


VIP Terminal International Airport Platov - a special area of ​​comfort. Its total area is almost 3000 square meters, the terminal is designed for a simultaneous stay of 65 people.

A separate building, personal meeting and check-in, modern interior, individual transfer from and to the aircraft aboard a premium car is only part of the privileges provided by the VIP terminal.

On the ground floor there are comfortable waiting areas, a restaurant, a courtyard garden, two conference rooms with 45 and 20 seats. The interiors are dominated by shades of a calm gray color, complemented by modern art objects.

On the operated roof of the second floor there is a garden and a bar overlooking the runway.

It offers:

  •      Travel by car directly to the VIP terminal
  •      Services porter. Baggage processing and packaging
  •      Individual check-in for business or regular flight
  •      Individual comfortable recreation areas, children's corner
  •      Meeting and delivery of the passenger to the ladder and from the aircraft ladder
  •      Fiction, newspapers, magazines
  •      Conference room and rooms for business meetings and negotiations
  •      Varied menu in the cozy restaurant
  •      Bar overlooking the airfield

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